World of Warcraft: Elysium’s Game Masters possibly corrupt?

On 5 May, a few horde guilds on Elysium server including RISE attempted to kill the world boss Azuregos and claim his loot and treasure. However, just a moment before killing it, the monster’s tag was suddenly given to the alliance guilds PRAISE and DEMISE, and the whole credit, along with loot and treasure went to them.


This was taken to the official forum and Elysium’s subreddit, where user “Rheked” claimed that a Game Master was nearby at the time and said “pretty obvious what is going on now.”, assuming that they gave the tag on purpose. A video (link) was posted later to show what happened.

Some people argue that rather than Game Masters being biased, this was a case of PRAISE and DEMISE exploiting certain game mechanics, which is a bannable offense. When asked for his comment on this case, Derpyous from THE THUNDERING LEGION said “Hopefully they’ll get the same treatment. I don’t believe GM’s did it for a second. It’s the same as GRIZZLY, and they got banned.”

GRIZZLY stole the boss from the horde last week, which initially looked fine to the Game Masters. However, an audio leak (link) was uploaded, which revealed that GRIZZLY were abusing a game mechanic to indeed steal the tag, after which most of the guild members were banned from the server.


The Game Masters have not commented on this week’s issue, despite one more video (link) having been uploaded to show that something is wrong.


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