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Dynamic queue – the bane of competitive integrity

Dynamic queue is a feature that many players looked forward to. Where solo queue mode enabled you to only queue up on your own or with one friend, dynamic queue allows a party of up to five friends playing against the other team, rather than a pair being matched with strangers you never met before. I liked the idea behind it; people no longer had to choose who they invite to a ranked game. The whole purpose of dynamic queue was for more players to get to know each other, and develop relationships. Riot Games saw it as “something a team-based game should have implemented a long time ago.”

It failed.

While the idea was very appealing, the entire project ruined the game for the vast majority of players. The reason is simple; the competitive integrity is no longer there. Many surveys were made in order for the community to assess the project, and on average, over 60% of the votes are against dynamic queue. This is because, while there are certainly many individuals playing in groups of three or more, those who queue up on their own are put at a massive disadvantage. The game is no longer about who’s the better player; individual performance no longer matters. The deciding factor right now is which premade group is better.

The 60% of votes against dynamic queue come from the players, such as myself, who very much prefer to queue up alone, and occasionally those who simply have nobody to queue up with. The counter argument to this might be that such players should get involved in communities and find people to regularly queue up with. While that’s a fair point at first, one should ask themselves: “Do I deserve to be in the rank I managed to get into with my friends?”

There have been many reports on Reddit about players who genuinely feel they do not deserve their rank after they queued up on their own. In the rare games where none of the teams had any premades of three or more people, the deciding factor was once again individual performance – in my opinion the one, true indication of a good player.

To put it simply, no matter how good people’s ranks are, I no longer see them as a reliable indication of how good they are at the game. Their rank isn’t deserved if it wasn’t achieved through individual performance. Teamwork, while a noble and fitting idea to a team-based game, ruins the competitive side of League of Legends. Follow all the public figures participating in LoL Esports and you’ll see their tweets, each looking exactly like this: