Will AD Carries shine in season 6 like they did in season 2?

The preseason is live, and with it the changes to the marksman itemization. So far the role has been much more enjoyable compared to season 5, where even popular marksman streamers such as Gosu avoided playing this role at times.

But is the role any more powerful since the rework?

First, the facts – most of the AD Carry items have been nerfed in stats. Examples include Infinity Edge (80 attack damage taken down to 65), Phantom Dancer (55% attack speed to 40%) and statikk shiv (proc damage went down from 100 to 30 – 100 depending on level). On top of that, item prices went up by 100-200 gold. In other words, it now takes longer for marksmen to become relevant in the game.

On the other hand, the summoner spell “teleport” has also been nerfed, having its cooldown increased from four minutes to five when used on towers, causing players to opt for “ignite” rather than teleport, effectively leaving marksmen alone with their supports to battle for lane dominance. No longer are they taken by surprise in a 5v2 fight.

The marksmen have also received new items and a few item reworks. The Rapid Fire Cannon is a great tool for short range carries, as it gives them extra range on their attacks. The Essence Reaver not only provides mana, but now also grants cooldown reduction equal to the amount of critical strike (now halved in patch 5.24). This is a welcome rework in the eyes of caster marksmen mains, who will enjoy using their abilities much more often – we’re already seeing Lucian a lot more often on the rift, than we did in season 5 when he was just a niche pick.

Overall, it looks like bottom lane will now be more dependent on player skill and mechanics, rather than map awareness, as you no longer need to watch out for people with teleport. The item changes allow some of the long forgotten marksmen, such as Ezreal or Lucian to see some light again.

As a marksman player, I definitely think that, although we do not have as much power as we did in season 2, the preseason changes are a step in the right direction, minus the decrease in stats on our items.



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