Survey results: What is your main role?

We conducted a survey to find out what people’s main role in League of Legends is.

According to statistics shown on Forbes, sixty eight million people play League of Legends per month as of 2014. Chances are, most of these people have their preferred role. But which of them is most frequently chosen? Which gets the least love?

There’s a total of 234 votes, according to the survey we conducted on The results are as follows:

  • 61 people (26%) voted support as their main role.
  • 43 people (18%) voted marksman as their main role.
  • 38 people (16%) voted top lane as their main role.
  • The same amount of people voted jungle as their main role.
  • 35 people (15%) voted mid lane as their main role.
  • Only 19 people (8%) said they would rather fill and have no real preference as to what they like to play in League of Legends.


Those who voted support say that “Support is by far the best role in the game. Every other role has a specific task that needs to be accomplished and a rather narrow method to get there. As support your job is the win the game by any means possible. This might mean building a locket or a banner. A Zeke’s maybe. After Sightstone and your gold item, you have so many options. Every game as support is different. You rarely have the same build path. And you have a unique impact on the game since you don’t usually do a lot of damage. And you don’t get focused in fights so you have the freedom to make impact plays without worrying because if they blow 3 important cooldowns on the member with the least gold, you’ll probably win the fight.”


survey main role 1


Those who voted marksman say “I want to be babysat to go full lategame!”


Those who voted jungle say “jungle master race reporting in.”


Those who voted mid say “it’s just easiest to carry 1v9 when you play some poky TF mage”


Those who voted top say “I like top lane since there are not that many people that are playing and I love jumping in fights just not giving a single damn, and just stand there getting focused.”


survey main role 2


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